Water Heater System Replacement Services in Denver

Having trouble not getting all the hot water your family needs on a regular basis? Is your current water heater breaking down? When it’s time for a new water heater system to be installed in your home, trust the experts at Dalco Heating & Air Conditioning. We provide water heater replacement service to homes in Highlands Ranch and all across the metro Denver area.


Water heater installed in Denver area home by Dalco Heating & Air ConditioningWhile there are many repairs and tune-ups that homeowners can do on their water heater, installation of a new system is probably not possible. There are a lot of factors involved that are too difficult for a non-professional. To start with, you may not be able to determine on your own which type and size of water heater is right for you.

Often local governments have specific codes and ordinances regarding water heater installation. Professionally trained technicians like those at Dalco Heating & Air Conditioning will know what those codes are and ensure they are all followed. These codes are often in place for you and your family’s safety. Professional water heater technicians are licensed and bonded to make sure the equipment is installed properly and safely.


Getting too big or too little of a water heater can really be a problem. You could end up with a system that can’t keep up with your family’s needs for daily hot water usage. Or, you may end up paying much larger heating bills than necessary. When you decide to install a new water heater, our Dalco Heating & Air Conditioning experts will walk you through the various factors to help you choose the water heater that’s exactly right for your home.

Some factors in determining the right water heater system include:

  • Fuel type: There are several types of energy sources to choose from including electric, natural gas and even geothermal energy.
  • Size: Size issues include the amount of water the tank will hold as well as the space available to house the water heater unit.
  • Energy efficiency: Different systems have different energy efficient ratings.
  • Costs: Not just the cost of the equipment, but the operating costs are also a factor.


Whether you need repair, maintenance or installation, trust Dalco Heating & Air Conditioning to expertly service your home’s hot water needs. Call at (303) 979-7541 or request service online, we will make sure to provide you the water heating solution you need.